Seattle, UCAS
August 2076

“When two tribes go to war…”

For several years now, the Finnigan Family has been on the brink of a civil war, with Dona O’Malley using all her abilities to stay at the top of the Family while her Lieutenant, Michael Finnigan, does all he can to regain control of the Family still using his name. Dona O’Malley has kept control through the years through the machinations and advice of her Consiglieri “Uncle” Al Cavalieri. But Uncle Al’s time is coming to an end. Old age, hard living, and failing health have taken their toll and his days are numbered. With his death, it is believed that war will erupt and the streets will fill with blood. Everyone, from the Corporations, to the other Organized Crime Syndicates, sit in the shadows watching, waiting, and planning.

As a new crew formed at the orders of Rowena O’Malley, but at the whim of Jimmy Mac Finnigan, the characters are caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place. What they do and how they do it may determine the outcome of some of the bloodiest days to come on the streets of Seattle.

Family Matters

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