Character Creation

All new characters will be created using the HeroLab Software by Lone Wolf Games. Both Max and myself have fully updated copies of the software. Be sure to set aside time because even with the software, character creation is a long process.

All characters begin as “Established Runners” and may use the standard “A, B, C, D, E” system to allocate their various abilities, skills, etc, or they may use the “Sum to Ten” Method (talk to the GM for an explanation of the two methods).

For Positive / Negative Qualities, all players MUST take the Negative Quality “Code of Honor: Omerta, The Code of Silence”. This enforces your connections with the Mafia. One character will take the" Made Man" Positive Quality. This character will be considered, by the Mafia leadership, to be the Captain of the Crew and responsible for earnings and actions taken by the crew as a whole. In addition to the perks of the Quality, this character receives a monthly stipend that covers the cost of a standard Middle Living Cost.

All Qualities should tie in to a back story, even a basic one. If the choices are seen as just a grab for bonuses or extra karma, they will not be allowed. Be prepared to defend your selections.

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Character Creation

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