The Finnigan Family

The Finnigans

Don/Donna: Rowena O’Malley (Capa of Seattle)
Lieutenant: Michael “Jimmy Mac” Finnigan
Consiglieri: “Uncle” Al Cavalieri

Area of Influence: Downtown (especially the docks), Bellevue
Criminal Activities: TBD


* Everest Waste Disposal (EWD, Inc.)
* Datastream Couriers
* On-Time Shipping
* Northwest Passage Banking


* Rowena O’Malley is the Capa of Seattle, approved by the Mafiosa Council. Her tenure is tremulous though, with her Lieutenant on waiting for Al Cavalieri to pass away.
* Jimmy Mac is supported by his Aunt Mary Finnigan, a 101 year old battleaxe surviving through leonization treatments.
* Uncle Al Cavalieri is expected to pass away at any time, though he has sought out any treatment he can find to delay the ine itable. Despite this, he has been compiling a han written journal on ways for Rowena O’Malley to retain control of her family.

The Finnigan Family

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